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Kite Hawker on the Beach Kite Hawker on the Beach - 2005
Brazilian jazz never sounded so... indie. 9 on Bali's full-length debut ignores genre boundaries from the moment that opener "O'Reilly" kicks off in a spasm of hand-waving, electro-induced jazz, backed by worldly percussion and Dan Susnara's warm vocals. Epic tall tale "My Poor Old Blue Projector" is a truly mind-blowing musical expression: with African kalimbas, electric guitars and swooshing samples, it transcends countries and genres with relative ease. It's 9 on Bali's finest moment, both fully realized and deeply developed.
The production skill demonstrated on Kite Hawker is as laudable as the musicianship. Listening to "My Poor Old Blue Projector" with headphones is a tremendous experience, and allows the song's just-so layers to interact while remaining distinguishable and clear. "Gist" develops a traditional rock structure, placing the distorted guitar front-and-center and letting the drums and vocals take a back seat. "Triad" is a folky fairytale of experience and self-revelation that, thanks to 9 on Bali's spacious, layered approach, morphs into a potent composition. Overall, Kite Hawker is astonishingly original in scope and deserves a spot in any well-rounded record collection.
-- Ryan Humm/Splendid Magazine
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