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Kite Hawker on the Beach Sanur - 2007
A gamelan orchestra meets with progressive rock to produce this 26-minute work. There are still touches of the Brazilian influence in the chord progressions, especially of the "poppier" sections. This is by far our most complex work, full of intricate passages, polyrhythms, odd time signatures, and raw home-made percussion.
Besides Sanur, the song also reflects my experiences in Pemuteran and Ubud. The former in its references to the call to prayer, "their chanting swells and fills the stealing sky" and lines about "no roof overhead, where you make your bed." Strangely, although the song was largely influenced by my trip to Bali back in 2004, Dan Susnara actually penned most of the lyrics only keeping my two opening lines.
Musically, I was trying to capture the sounds of walking down the beach in Sanur where the strains of various gamelan recordings would ebb and flow, sometimes mingling in the air. I imagined the large bamboo orchestras playing these incredibly slow riffs like a Balinese Melvins.
--Dan Sweigert/9 on Bali
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