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We met a lot of cool people at the three shows we did this weekend. If you're anywhere near Huntsville, AL, I suggest checking out all the amazing art and music at the Flying Monkey Arts center. They've got everything from Henry Cow on vinyl to abstract art constructions, to shadow puppets, and some of the best live music happening anywhere. Tickets are generally around $5, so it's an incredible deal. Ga Na Si Ta and Sandia both put on incredible performances, not to mention the cool dual bass guitar, ethereal vocalizations, and low-fi bluegrass that went on in between sets.

The Hideaway in Johnson City is also very recommended for some fresh indie-rock. We had a great time. Thanks to Jiraiyah and the rest of the folks at the Hideaway for treating us so well and for all the good words and music.
- September 1, 2008

Sanur has been getting quite a bit of airplay lately. Infinite Ceiling and Aural Innovations actually both played all 26-minutes! We also created special mixes for the radio splitting up the song into bite-sized chunks which have been played on Radio M, the Prog-Rock Diner, Under the Floorboards, No Pigeonholes, SCAD radio and other indie and prog-rock radio shows from Germany to Belgium. Thanks to the folks who put in requests at Aural Moon for Sanur. Check the "On the Radio" link to the lower right of this page for links to radio shows/stations where you can request Sanur.
- November 21, 2007
On the Radio
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