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Due to a number of factors, the songs we've been recording for the next 9 on Bali CD are going to be released under the band name Star Period Star. The main reason being that the songs actually sound more like they belong on a SPS album than on a 9 on Bali release. A couple of the riffs were actually based on bits of unreleased SPS music. Check the Star Period Star section on the Cropcircle Collective website for the latest info on the album, and to hear samples of the new songs. So for now, 9 on Bali is on temporary hiatus.
- August 3, 2012

We're in the process of writing and recording a second longer piece (as yet unnamed) for the next CD. There are three movements so far; an intro (very polyrhythmic, lush, and dense) a very energetic middle section, and another more brooding section that goes right after the middle part. I can't wait to debut (at least parts of) this new song live. We'll most likely be paying another visit to Huntsville and a few places along the way sometime later this year to play the new stuff.

- August 3, 2009
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