Planets & Stars



Unfortunately, both the live dates and work on the album has been put on indefinite hiatus. I am considering whether to use the songs I have for another solo CD or just put it out under the P&S moniker without any real band.

- May 26, 2008

Work on our first full-length CD has just begun with Philip Palmer. We are also going to be playing our first live shows starting in August. Updates will be posted here as soon as dates are confrimed.

- April 19, 2008

Southeast Performer Magazine just published an in depth interview with us about Planets & Stars and the Cropcircle Collective.

Our song "Tyler" has been featured on the latest Copper Press double CD, issue 27.

Bluffton Today, a local newspaper also published an article on Cropcircle along with reviews of the Tyler EP and Kite Hawker by 9 on Bali.

- March 1, 2006

The first Planets & Stars EP is finally completed, it's called "Tyler" named after a Chuck Palahniuk character. The songs deal with personal issues, "How can I explain, personal pain?" and conjure up childhood memories of vacations at Jeckyll Island, GA (a picture of which appears on the CD itself). Musically, it's a mix of psuedo exotica, Brazilian jazz, and "indie-rock." My descriptions may seem a bit obtuse, so you might want to check out the samples on our discography page. You can purchase a copy via this link to Band Mecca.

- November 25, 2005