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The August Song of the Month - Star Period Star:

Waiting for the Fireworks (live rehearsal) mp3


2007 Song of the Month CD Now Available!
This year's song of the month CD is a personal favorite. Many of the songs blend seamlessly together to form a magnificent sonic landscape. Perhaps Mr. Rutledge would care to write a poem about it. Featured artists are Sinister Moustache, 9 on Bali, Star Period Star, Dan Susnara, House of Knotty Effects, and many others. Also, the final cut "Reliving the Past" hosts an incredible number of vocalists including Jonathan Rundman, Little Fyodor & Babushka, the Jagielnik family chorus, etc. This CD is a 60 minute journey through worlds both familiar and yet to be discovered.

2007 Song of the Month CD

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2006 Song of the Month CD released!
Here's a review from the latest issue of "Hiroshima Yeah!" zine:

Downloading music is a mystery to me, so it was nice to receive this CD containing all twelve tracks originally available exclusively on the Cropcircle Collective website last year. The whole shebang kicks off with House of Knotty Effects' 'Observation (remix)' which sounds like the whoops and drones of a paranoid walk home through an empty industrial estate. Then Star Period Star lighten the mood with their 'Hunger Stone' which is live and acoustic and strummy, breezy easiness and sounds a little bit like Calexico. Next up is a 'live reading' of 'Wishing Just Once' by Weatherbone who do jazz, maaan, with some 'cat' trying to be Jack Kerouac over the top of it. Track number four is THE best thing here and it's called 'Change' and it's by Ron Jagielnik and Larry Krol and it's VERY nice acoustic balladry reminiscent of early REM in it's simple, joyful beauty. I want to hear MORE from these guys. There's more live acoustic action next, from Dan Sweigert, on a song called 'Gasoline' which has some weird-ass freeform piano and xylophone freak-out shit goiing on. Next, Dan Susnara weighs in with 'My Places,' a soundscape of Eastern drone and murky guitar strum. Then, those Star Period Star boys return to thrill us with a noisy live rehearsal room thrash-about called 'Waiting for the Fireworks' which summons up the spirit of '80s weird-beards Bogshed. 'Armageddon' is next. If ONLY! No, this is a TRACK called 'Armageddon' by Jim Molina and Tom Hess and it begins with cinematic grandeur before veering down the side street of Heavy Rock (complete with lighters-aloft middle section). Port City Music's 'Rachael' is another lovely track which very nearly rivals the aforementioned 'Changes' as best song here. It's acoustic & echoey and the refrain of 'Why were you taken away?' is haunting & impossible to resist. Again, I want to hear MORE of this lot. 9 on Bali's 'Water in my Eyes (live at the Art Asylum)' is a minimalistic trip to a deserted playground where the spirits of murdered children still play on the swings. Eerie! Sinister Moustache sound like Duane Eddy meets Booker T and The MGs meets Pink Floyd meets Dr. Feelgood meets The Specials on their track 'Colostomy Man' and that really IS every bit as weird as it sounds! Lastly, Star Period Star show up again with a quirky instrumental piece containing brass & harmonica wails and odd vocal yelps. A good collection.
- Mark Ritchie/Hiroshima Yeah!

2006 Song of the Month CD

Rachael mp3
Waiting for the Fireworks mp3
My Places mp3
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Song of the Month CD - 2005
The first first Song of the Month compilation CD. Featured artists: Dan Susnara, That People's Sleep, Ron Jagielnik, Little Fyodor & Babushka, Star Period Star, Dan Sweigert, 9 on Bali, and Planets & Stars.

Audible Cropcircle's 2005 Song of the Month CD 2005 Song of the Month CD

Ordinary Lives mp3
Wine & Telescopes mp3
I Thought People Liked Fools mp3
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