Dan Sweigert

Songs I've Taught Other PeopleSongs I've Taught Other People - 2002

This is a "Best-of" CD taken from my two (song oriented) solo CDs and That People's Sleep's "To The End". I took some of my best songs from the three to make what I think is a stronger work overall.

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Let's Change the SubjectLet's Change the Subject - 1996

The original idea here was to create a full-length work from songs composed and recorded in ONE DAY. Of coarse, I was not satisfied with some of the pieces until they could be refined in a real studio. Only the instrumental/experimental songs really conform to that requirement. There have not been any reviews of this I know of, but many people have told me this CD is their personal favorite, including singer/songwriter Jonathan Rundman. In some ways this CD better realizes the experiments on SKOW and also includes some nice pop "Gasoline" and progressive pop "Pictorial History of Stress". "Why Elephants Forget So Easily" and "Bluejays are Vampires" were pretty experimental and also well received (at least by a small circle of friends). You can also tell the moon dog, tell the march hare about "I88".

Pictorial History of Stress
Why Elephants Forget So Easily
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RestRest - Unknown release date

I wrote these three long ambient pieces as a meditation on death. This is not intended to be any darker and gruesome than the subject matter, it is what it is.

Death Angel
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Some Kinds of WonderfulSome Kinds of Wonderful - 1992

I tried to stuff just about every style of music in the Western world into 64 minutes on my debut CD. The results were a bit spotty, but there's a few memorable tunes in there. Jason Roth of Showcase Chicago voted SKOW as one of the top 10 independant releases in 1993.

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