Dan Sweigert


Two things, we're getting closer to finishing the Star Period Star album. We're working on three songs which if it gets released on vinyl, would be on the second side of the record. We've got a new bass player, Joe Colone, who's learning the set list for some live shows and will appear on a few of the newest songs on the actual recording. The album will be called "Can't See the Forest". You can hear samples of three of the songs on the Star Period Star discography page.

- November 22, 2012

Pat and I have decided to release the new songs we've been working on under the name Star Period Star. There are about 5 songs in various degrees of progress; one fully mixed, the rest still have parts to record. I plan to get busy finishing these off this year anticipating a 2013 release, making it the first Star Period Star album in 15 years.

- August 4, 2012

I've been creating steadily with Pat Hamilton in my main band 9 on Bali. We've put up some new songs at our myspace page. We are also playing a series of dates in the Southeastern US in August and September. Check the 9 on Bali tour section for our live dates and news.

- June 9, 2008

Last night Phil & Aami from Port City Music started working with me on a new project which will be the "opening act" for the 9 on Bali show at the Sentient Bean in August. The material is pretty diverse, but strong. I'm hearing a bit of Pixies, This Heat, the 77s, and Melvins in the music thus far. Soon, a link will be added to the cropcircle site to provide more info on the new band.

- May 18, 2007

I'm gearing up for the 9 on Bali Southest Tour this August. We've been working on a longer piece for the next CD/DVD called "Sanur." The new CD and live performances will be accompanied by a film. Check the 9 on Bali pages for more details.

- May 4, 2007

Philip Palmer and I will be performing a series of acoustic shows including material from my solo CDs, and a few That People's Sleep and 9 on Bali tunes. Check the live dates for more info.

Phil has also asked me to join his Port City Music project. Port City mixes pop, experimental, and psuedo jazz, folk, & classical influences with an indie-rock DIY sensibility. I'm really looking forward to playing these songs live. Phil has recorded about two CDs of material for it so far which will be made available in limited quantities at live shows.

-July 1, 2006

Southeast Performer Magazine just published an in-depth interview with me about Planets & Stars, 9 on Bali, and the Cropcircle Collective. The pictures you'll see were taken by Jackie Van Nice on our trip to Bali.

Bluffton Today & Hilton Head Today have also published an interview with me about the Cropcircle and review CDs by both 9 o Bali and Planets & Stars. Check the news sections for those bands for links to those articles.

-March 1, 2006

For those of you interested in my technical writing articles, visit Johansen & Associates website.

The first Planets & Stars EP is finally completed, it's called "Tyler" named after a Chuck Palahniuk character. The songs deal with personal issues, "How can I explain, personal pain?" and conjure up childhood memories of vacations at Jeckyll Island, GA (a picture of which appears on the CD itself). Musically, it's a mix of psuedo exotica, Brazilian jazz, and "indie-rock." My descriptions may seem a bit obtuse, so you might want to check out the samples on our discography page. You can also listen to samples and buy a copy at CD Baby.

9 on Bali (the project with Susnara) is starting work on our next full length CD which will feature a few longer cuts. My vision for this album is to have some kind of mix of Brazilian music, jazz, "Topographic" type of exotica, African and Balinesian sounds. We previewed about 2 1/2 minutes of a piece from it on Clay Gaunce's radio show "The Trip." I'm very excited about having my own house (rather than a condo or apartment) as I have been able to crank up the guitar amps and get back into some more experimental techniques with mics placed in other rooms etc.

Then there's the prospect of another Star Period Star release...

-September 11, 2005