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Kite Hawker on the Beach Triad ep- 2003
Our copy of this four-song CD-R EP included a price tag; apparently the members of 9 on Bali are flogging their newest work for $3.00 a pop. That comes out to a thrifty 75 cents per song -- cheaper, even, than Apple's much-ballyhooed iTunes Store. But is it actually a good deal?
"Triad" is basically straightforward pop, but with a weird (in a good way) edge. One of the vocalists (there are two) does basic pop vocals in standard "untutored singer" style, verging on falsetto, while the other affects a highbrow drawl reminiscent of British folk-pop and the floatier Elephant 6 acts. "At His Cordial Best" makes best use of the latter vocalist; it's a catchy tune that begins life as threadbare pop, then rapidly evolves into a sort of lo-fi High Llamas track. Beach Boys fans will dig it.

"Who is Tripoli Adams" is an abrupt shift in tone and style -- a formless, keyboard-intensive ramble that leads off with a busily burbling electronic loop, then segues into a droning keyboard-and-snare-roll fanfare. You may want to skip ahead to "Everdons", which builds on "At His Cordial Best"'s orch-pop aspirations, hints at a proggy edge, blows its wad on a sudden space-rock breakdown at mid-song, and wraps it all up in sampled bell melodies and like-minded weirdness.
--George Zahora/Splendid Magazine

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At His Cordial Best (mp3)
Everdons (real audio)
Everdons (mp3)
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