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January 3, 2019

Most of you who knew Frank Rutledge as a poet already know that he passed away the evening of January 3, 2019. Since that time, he has been memorialized at two reading events and a plaque was put up in his honor at his favorite coffeehouse Limestone Coffee and Tea in Batavia, IL. A wonderful front page article was written about him in the Daily Herald by Harry Hitzeman. Amazing to think that a poet of all things, someone other than a politician or famous sports figure, would be memorialized on the front page of a newspaper. That alone should provide testimony to the tremendous and deep impact he had on the lives of the people in the Fox Valley area. Frank was my best friend. I knew him as a musician. We met back in 1985 when I lived in Batavia. At that time, he lived on the south side of Chicago and so we would make the 1 1/2 hour drive back and forth to each other's homes to work on music and just hang out. I would have to write a book to describe what a deep friendship spanning over 30 years meant to me, but then, I am not a writer. His fellow writer friends have obtained his unpublished writings and papers and plan to assemble them into future books. As these get released, I will announce them here and provide links to where you can purchase them, along with pictures and reviews of them on the "books" page of this website. Thanks for visiting the website and please come back for updates as they develop.
- Dan Sweigert

August 4 and 5, 2012

Come out to Batavia's Art in Your Eye Festival to hear Frank read at the "Art of the Spoken Word tent.


March 21, 2009

Wow, it's been a long time since this page has been updated. Since this last writing, Frank has released two new books of poetry; "Eat the Punchline, This Joke is Over" and "Folklore of Twilight, IL." According to Rutledge, the first book is shorter and should be available on this site in the next month or so, the other book is a bit longer and is currently being revised to tighten up the volume. Check this site again for further developments.

- Dan Sweigert

December 3, 2006

I could pull out of the air any day I favor. An act of prestidigitation like levitating a woman, or pouring into a hat, milk, and then causing its disappearance. But this is the day I have chosen to articulate. Three days into the final month of 2006, this fine day for reflection and forecast. Myself, bodily located on the extreme fringes of Western Chicagoland and experiencing the coldest, snowiest kick off to another Midwest winter and what a shebang it is! One foot of snow, frigid winds and the season of the horrid driver starts with yet another episode of icy road ballet. Tucked away in the belly of the good ship Writerly Duties, I glance backwards on the year that was 2006 with August Skin eyes, gladdened with a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. This past August I visited the awesome and artistic community and new home of my parents, Paducah, KY. Stay tuned for more from me about that area of the country. To count as successes, a delightful second annual Batavia Authors Festival and an ego soothing interview with Planet & Stars members Dan Sweigert and yours truly along with favorable reviews of our first recording. Also in its second year, that virtual commune of exceptional creativity, Crop Circle Collective grew with new artists and projects. A sure sign of success. Bravo!!!

As the Northern hemisphere enters another season of consumer driven merriment and charmingly wrapped flannel shirts and compact disc recordings of the latest American Idiot, I drag my fully gorged Thanksgiving fed body to the PC. I stand in truth when I say that I am grateful for my talents and a circle of even more talented friends. That is the perfect gift any time of year.

When I look into my crystal ball of 2007 I see shimmering glimpses of new works. My next book of poems “ Folklore of Twilight, Illinois” is being edited now and delivered to the printer in late January. Summer will see my first collection of short fictions “As Sparks Fly Upward” enter the warmth of the world. And just as “Clothed In August Skin” satisfied rumors, expectations will be fed with my very first album of original music. The working title is “Eleventh Window” and if my excitement and fatherly joy is any indication, I promise a collection of wonderment and sonic fancies equal to my poetry and writings. It has influences like Sting, Joni Mitchell, Wallace Stevens, Robert Fripp and the Church. I’m so excited I could pee whole notes. Each and every of these mentioned projects will be showcased and available for purchase at the 2007 Batavia Authors Fair, in its new monthly home of November. Also, if many of you, readers cross your fingers and hope to the high heavens, the coming year will somehow see a way for Planet & Stars to further their recorded output, and deepen their already deep friendship.

I intend on contributing more brand new writings at the essay\story\poetry section of this website in the coming year. Keep visiting Crop Circle Collective and discover where creative things happen. Lastly, I would like to thank all who read\listen to the works that I share and am involved with, without readers and listeners all of this wouldn’t make nearly as much sense.

I’m currently spinning:
Sparklehorse – Dreamt For Light Years In The Belly Of The Mountain
Greg Brown - The Evening Call
The Copper Press Compilation cp#27 – featuring Planet & Stars “Tyler”
Kelly Jo Phelps – Tunesmith Retrofit
and the new Tangent (excellent!!!)

- Frank Rutledge

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