Planets & Stars




Tyler ep - 2005

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It’s impossible to dislike this charming little three-track CD, from the bright
and breezy acoustic led pop of the title track to the gentle, lovely instrumental
‘A Voice Before the Voice’ with it’s warm washes of ambient sound and treated

‘Arctic Circle’ rounds off this all-too-brief collection and it’s a song
containing something sounding not dissimilar to a xylophone solo! If this is
slightly reminiscent of 9 on Bali, that’s because the main man in Planets & Stars
(Dan Sweigert) is ALSO one of the main men from that very same band! So, it all
makes sense, is some topsy-turvy way. This is really nice and you should hear it.
It’s available at and if you have
the power of the credit card. What are you waiting for? Permission from your mummy?!

- Mark Ritchie/Hiroshima Yeah! Zine